Here at the beach where I’ve been lucky enough to spend Christmas with my dogs and husband, all the houses are built on tall pilings like stilts so high water won’t flood them. The ground level is usually a poured cement slab where visitors park their cars. When any wind is blowing it creates a wind tunnel effect that is perfect for working various complex scent puzzles.

I took advantage of the many empty houses nearby and placed a few hides for my dogs. This video shows Devon (who has been doing Nosework for about 3 years) searching for 2 hides. The search starts with the wind blowing directly at us and Devon quickly catches the first hide and turns toward it going almost right to the source. But he also catches odor on the wooden supports and the plastic garbage bins nearby (pooling odor) which he checks but quickly realizes isn’t source and goes to source to be rewarded.

After leaving that hide he finds more odor in a nearby area and does a spin at 44 seconds. That spin almost always means he’s getting odor from more than one source (converging odor). He checks the first hide again but moves quickly off of it and out into the wind tunnel again where he realizes where the other odor is coming from and goes straight to it.

Happy sniffing!