Welcome To Ascent Dog Training

I have been teaching dog training classes for 26 years. During that time I have titled 4 different breeds and 7 individual dogs in Obedience, Earthdog, Tracking, Agility and now K9 Nosework®. In 2010 I attended my first K9 Nosework® seminar and have been involved with the sport ever since. During the process of becoming a certified instructor by the National Association of Canine Scentwork, I have taught hundreds of hours of K9 Nosework® classes and helped many people become acquainted with this new sport. My students are successfully competing through the NW3 level including reaching the NW3 Elite level. More importantly, they and their dogs are gaining confidence, increased focus and mutual respect. Currently I compete in K9 Nosework® with three dogs; Devon, an 11 year old Parson Russell Terrier and Zodi, a 6 year old Doberman both of whom have their NW3 titles and are working on their Elite titles. I also have a young PRT named Sprigs who has her NW1 title. I teach classes throughout the Triangle and Triad area and also teach out of state workshops.